Site move

Hi Guys,

After a load of stress with WordPress not working for me properly for months, I’ve moved my portfolio site over to Carbonmade, and my bloggy-sketchbook to tumblr. I feel these two sites currently match my needs better than wordpress.

My main portfolio can always be found at

My bloggy-sketchbook tumblr can be found at

I’m also on CGHub at

WordPress was great for a time, but for a while my page wasn’t showing on other computers, I couldn’t log in, and the layouts have just become overcomplicated for my needs. This is the first time I’ve ben able to access the site in months – I haven’t been quiet on purpose! I’ve had the chance to work on some amazing projects in the last couple of months, so be sure to check them out!

Thanks for sticking around, if you could change your bookmarks, then that would be great 🙂


Day 20, 22 and 23

Oops. Things have been a little hectic and will be for a little while (Work project coming to end, Tax returns, and more) But! Don’t count me out yet! I may not haveposted anything, but that doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing!

First up, 20/01/2012 – Baba-cera-tops! A new baby-gro design that’s now up on Redbubble   ( ) 3 colours – traditional Blue and Pink, and also green for the gender neutral (saying that, I’d have wanted the blue when I was little, so I don’t think it matters either way – personal preference all the way!)

I had saturday off – Well, slept for most of the day as I needed a catch-up.

Sunday, I came upon the Diegu concept that summed him up in one – I did like a lot of the concepts I did, but as per usual I saw bits in each concept I liked but none of them seemed to work in a physical way – a degu is not a degu unless it can scratch it’s ears with it’s back legs and climb upside down in their cage while being what must be the world’s most prolific sprinter.

And on today (23/01/2012) I decided to start colouring him in. It’s still early days yet, and I’ve literally only an hours work, but here’s a little taster (Note; this is only a very small part of the whole painting – haven’t been able to do any of the background because I left my good wacom pen at work. Lame excuse, but 50% of my brushes only work with rotation on it :/)


Day 19 – 19/01/2012

Bit of concept art today. Morphed into several different paintings, and finally settled on this. Don’t think I was 100% with it tonight though. It’s been a fairly long day today, and my joints have been achey, so maybe sitting down to do more computer work after an 8 hour day wasn’t such a good idea :s

Day 16 – 16/01/2012 – Style Play

Missed 2 days due to seeing some friends we hadn’t seen for a while (it’s a bit rude to draw with your back to them when they come over and visit!)

Couldn’t resist having another play with Kevin Dart’s Colouroid style again – the colours and shapes he uses are just so beautiful I only realised today that he did the amazing work on the BBC’s Beijing Olympics animated shorts with Jamie Hewlett – Amazing backgrounds!

Anyhoo, on to today’s addition;