Featured on ‘Wolves by Strangers’ Blog!

Shortly after completing the Freki picture (seen in the banner above) Creaturemag ran a feature on the website ‘Wolves by Strangers’ – one person’s blog, posting a new wolf picture every day from a selection that’s been sent in by readers, accompanied by a few paragraphs of deep thought inspired by the pictures. It sounded pretty interesting to me – I quite like the idea of opening my letterbox/email inbox and finding pictures drawn by people around the world, it certainly beats the usual Bills and junkmail!

So, I sent in the painting of Freki. And now it’s up there with a rather lovely post about the writer’s memories of their cousin’s love of RPGs. It’s made me smile 🙂

You can find the website Wolves By Strangers here.

And the Freki post can be found here

Thankyou to the writer, only known as ‘J’, for making my day today 🙂


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